mardi 28 janvier 2014

The Twits (5ème/Groupe1)

Title : The Twits
Author : Roald Dahl
Genre: Slice Of Life

Blurb: It is about Mr and Mrs Twit who are really disgusting. They smell because they never wash, they fight because they play tricks on each other (I don’t know why they did not divorce), and they hate children. But worst of all (you can’t imagine),they keep monkeys in their back garden. In cages. It is time for the monkeys to get their revenge, on these two revolting creatures…

Personal Opinion: I chose this book because it is the only one that interests me at home, and I thought that it is a funny book. I enjoyed this book because it  disgusting and they are very strange and funny, because when Mr Twits eats with his beard all his food go on it, and when we see a photo of him with his food on his beard it is just too disgusting.

I would recommend this book for people who like disgusting things and funny things because when we see images in the book we want to vomit.

Level: It is easy to read and there is not so many pages. There is just 86 pages, I think that 86 pages is in the average, it is not so much, and on some pages there is just images. So I think it is easy to read but not for a beginner who knows just how to say: hello, bye, goodbye, goodnight.

Rating: Because there is too many disgusting things and we want to vomit sometimes.