mardi 28 janvier 2014

The Canterville Ghost (5ème/Groupe1)

Title : The Canterville Ghost

Author : Oscar Wilde 

Genre : Fantasy, Horror

Blurb: As the Canterville family is fed up with a ghost in its house, it decided to sell it to American people who are not afraid of ghosts.

In this American family, there are two boys who are sly twins.

Can the ghost terrify them?

 Personal opinion:

-       I chose to read this book because my brother Erwan recommended it to me. He red it last summer and liked it very much.

-       The story is short, funny and easy to read. It did not frighten me  : the characters are jokers!

-       I would recommend this book to beginners or good readers because the story is short and pleasant. Children who like ghosts stories will enjoy its reading.

Level : it is easy to read

Rating: 4/5

 Name of the reviewer: Aymeric