vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Robin Hood and the silver arrow (6e/Groupe1)

Title : Robin Hood and the silver arrow

Author:Tony Bradman and Tony Ross

Genre :It a dynamic and a dramatic strory !!

Exactly ! said Robin,grinning now.
So think how they’ll feel if I can beat the sheriff at his own game, if I can tweak his beard in front of them !
Ah since you put it like that…murmured friar Tuck,eyes twinkling. The other outlaws were glancing at each other ,several of them starting to smile too.
Marian,however,looked as if she needed more convincing.
I’m not sure Robin,she sad, frowning at him.I think it’s  too risky.

Personal opinion :
Why I chose the book : Because I see the movie  and i liked so I said ok I chose the book !!!
What I enjoyed about the book :In my book I enjoyed the action and the drama.
I would recommend this book to readers who …Like tournament and a lot of drama !!