mardi 28 janvier 2014

Robin Hood (5ème/Groupe1)

Title:        Robin Hood                                                                              

Author:      Rob Lloyd Jones
Genre :  adventure

Blurb (say what and who the book is about but don’t give it all away): The book is about a boys his name is Much and his father was arrested. And Robin Hood give to him help.

Personal opinion:

I choose this book because I like the story of Robin Hood. The is funny and a lot of adventure. I recommended this book for people who like the adventure

Level (is it easy to read, challenging or other?)

I think this are easy to read.

Rating : 3/5

Name of the reviewer: Elouan

Tale Of Two Cities (5ème/Groupe1)

Title:    Tale Of Two Cities       

Author: Charles Dickens
Genre: Drama


Blurb: This story takes place during the French revolution

M. Jarvis Lorry owner of a bank in London goes to Paris in France with Miss Lucy Manette to find Doctor Manette the father of Lucy who spent 18 years in the Bastille where he lost his memory. Mr. Lorry and Miss Manette brought Dr Manette back to London where he recovered. During the journey they encounter Charles Darnay who helps them.

One day Charles Darnay is to convened to a tribunal where he is accused of being a French spy. There he meets Sydney Corton who looks like him.  This creates confusion. Charles Darnay is declared innocent.

Charles marries Lucy.

Charles is in fact the Marquis de St. Evrémonde, a French aristocrat.  He learns that of an old friend has a problem in France and he goes to help.  He is arrested and his friends come to help him.  

Personal opinion:

            Why I chose the book: I choose the book because the album cover is attractive

            What I enjoyed about the book: The end of the story

            I would recommend this book to readers who have a little level of English

Level: Easy

Rating : 4/5                                                                                                  

Name of the reviewer: Cameron

The Canterville Ghost (5ème/Groupe1)

Title : The Canterville Ghost

Author : Oscar Wilde 

Genre : Fantasy, Horror

Blurb: As the Canterville family is fed up with a ghost in its house, it decided to sell it to American people who are not afraid of ghosts.

In this American family, there are two boys who are sly twins.

Can the ghost terrify them?

 Personal opinion:

-       I chose to read this book because my brother Erwan recommended it to me. He red it last summer and liked it very much.

-       The story is short, funny and easy to read. It did not frighten me  : the characters are jokers!

-       I would recommend this book to beginners or good readers because the story is short and pleasant. Children who like ghosts stories will enjoy its reading.

Level : it is easy to read

Rating: 4/5

 Name of the reviewer: Aymeric

The Twits (5ème/Groupe1)

Title : The Twits
Author : Roald Dahl
Genre: Slice Of Life

Blurb: It is about Mr and Mrs Twit who are really disgusting. They smell because they never wash, they fight because they play tricks on each other (I don’t know why they did not divorce), and they hate children. But worst of all (you can’t imagine),they keep monkeys in their back garden. In cages. It is time for the monkeys to get their revenge, on these two revolting creatures…

Personal Opinion: I chose this book because it is the only one that interests me at home, and I thought that it is a funny book. I enjoyed this book because it  disgusting and they are very strange and funny, because when Mr Twits eats with his beard all his food go on it, and when we see a photo of him with his food on his beard it is just too disgusting.

I would recommend this book for people who like disgusting things and funny things because when we see images in the book we want to vomit.

Level: It is easy to read and there is not so many pages. There is just 86 pages, I think that 86 pages is in the average, it is not so much, and on some pages there is just images. So I think it is easy to read but not for a beginner who knows just how to say: hello, bye, goodbye, goodnight.

Rating: Because there is too many disgusting things and we want to vomit sometimes.


The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (5ème/Groupe1)

Title: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Author: John Boyne
Genre : This book is a novel.

Blurb : The story takes place during world war II. Bruno is a nine years old boy who has to move from Berlin with his family to a place called Out-With. He doesn’t like his new home, until he meets Shmuel, a boy who lives on the other side of the fence and who , like the other people there, wears a uniform of striped pyjamas. They are going to be best friends...

Personal opinion: I chose this book because my sisters red it and they said that it was amazing and I really have to read it. I enjoyed this book ,because I like emotional stories. It is sad but it is an extraordinary tale of friendship. I recommend this book to readers who like strong stories.

Level : I think this book is easy to read but there are parts that I found difficult. I had to discuss it with my parents and they explained me what I could not understand.

Rating: 5/5
Name of the reviewer: Laure

Stuart Little (5ème/Groupe1)

Stuart Little

.The book that I've chose is Stuart Little. This book was wrote by E.B.White and  illustrated by Garth Williams.

.The genre of this book is more adventure.
The story

-Stuart is a little mouse, his best friend is a beautiful bird named Margalo.Everything was alright,until one day she disappears .

-So, Stuart is going to live an incredible adventure for find Margalo.He's ready, direction North, he's going to do everything that he can for finding her, he asked help and had been himself  helping  people.

But did  he will find her?
My comment
-I really recommend you this book for people who like reading book with adventure and, people who could do everything for somebody that you care about.
-Personally, I've enjoyed to read this book, cause it's really funny: How a mouse could do that? and just when I hear ''Stuart Little'' ,it's sound adventure to me like the book ''Tom Sawyer''.

King Midas a Greek myth (5ème/Groupe1)

Title: King Midas a Greek myth

Author: Geraldine Mc Caughrean

Genre: Comic


Midas is a Greek mith. He have a friend called Pan. He decided to be judge of a music competition between Pan an Apollo. Midas said that it will be pan the winner of this competition (because it was his friend) even if the competition haven't start. You'll have to discover the end of the book by reading it.

Personal opinion:
I choose this book because I like myth.
I enjoyed and laughed at this book cause it was fun!

I would recommend this book to readers who loves funny stories!

Level: easy

Rating: 4/5

Gangsta Granny (5ème/Groupe1)

Title: Gangsta Granny  
Author: David Walliams

Genre : Comical and humorous

Blurb :This story is about a boy and his  grand mother. He goes to her house every week-end but he doesnt like her, he thinks she is boring. But one day he discovers the true      personality of his grand mother: she is a gangster!

Personal opinion:

I chose this book because the book cover is colourful and the bookseller recommended  this book to me.
I enjoyed this book because its funny and I love the pictures.

     I would recommend this book to a reader because is a funny book.

 Level : For me this book was challenging to read because the vocabulary is difficult.

Rating : 4/5

Name of the reviewer:           Mathilde

dimanche 19 janvier 2014

The three musketeers (5eme/Groupe1)


The three musketeers 

The book that I read is « the three musketeers », the author is Alexandre Dumas. His genre is adventure.

The book is about 4 friends, who are musketeers , they ate very coragious and they like to help people , they always are in adventures !

I chose this book because I heard great opinions about it .I really enjoyed the adventure in this book ! I would recommend this book to readers who like to be in suspens and like adventures !

I didn’t thought that it was an hard book , we just have to know some words !For me it was an easy book.

Rating : 5 / 5

Name of the reviewer :alice

samedi 18 janvier 2014

Olympia on the ball (5eme/Groupe1)

Title: Olympia on the ball

Author: Shoo Rayner

Genre :Adventure/ Sport.

The adventure takes place in the ancient Greece.

 It’s the story of a child, Olly, who works on his dad’s gymnasium. The children are big Episkyros’ fans. Episkyros is not an Olympic sport. It was played to create good team spirit among athletes

Olly finds an old ball he fixes it. He organises a game of Episkros. He takes his sister in his team against Spiro’s team. Spiro is helping at the gymnasium he’s Olly’s enemy! Who win the match?

Personal opinion:

I chose this book because I like Olympic game.

I enjoyed because the Episkyros reminds me football.

I would recommend this book to readers who likes antic an sports

Level :
it’s easy to read

Rating : 2/5


mercredi 15 janvier 2014

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (3ème/Groupe3)

Title : The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Author : Agatha Christie

Genre : Detective Novel

Blurb :
Roger Ackroyd was a man who knew far too much : he knew that his mistress, Mrs Ferrars, had poisoined her husband, that someone was blackmailing her and that she commited suicide. Before dying, Mrs Ferrars sent him a letter enclosing the name of her blackmailer. Later on, Roger Ackroyd was found murdered while reading the letter. The reader follows Dr Sheppard who investigates the murder of Roger Ackroyd with the help of the famous detective Hercule Poirot.

Personal opinion : I really loved this book and I was captivated by the story and could not stop reding it until the end.

Why I chose this book : I chose this book as I love Agatha Christie and it is said to be her masterpiece.

What I enjoyed about the book : This book is both hilarious ans dramatic with plenty of surprises.

I would recommand this book to readers mysteries ans surprises while enjoying laughing.

Level :
The level is not too challenging : I believe the minimal level required would be level 2 at CFBL

Rating : 5/5


The Alchemist, The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel (3ème/Groupe3)

Title: The Alchemist, The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel. (Series)       
Author: Michael Scott

Genre: Fantasy
Book summary:

                          It was in a bookshop that a twin meets a young lady and a young man called Nicholas Flamel. They suddenly get muddled up with an ancient prophecy which had been written by Abraham the mage. They find out that myths become reality and those Nicholas is 700 years old. The children of the prophecy will now loot against unknown creatures of the dark ages and face the greatest mages, sorcerers and gods. While they flee throughout the world from the Dark Elders the twins Sophie and Josh Newman learn to manipulate great power. They are the fate of Earth, for its destruction and for the survival of mankind.
This book is easy to read and understand but might not catch the reader at the very beginning.

Rating: 4/5

Of mice and men (3ème/Groupe3)

Title : Of mice and men

Author : John Steinbeck

Genre : Fiction, tragedy

Blurb : It is the story of two migrant labourers, George  Milton and Lennie Small that start to work at a ranch in Northern California, having left their previous jobs in a hurry, following accusations of rape against the larger of the two men, Lennie. They have a common dream, to save up enough money to buy their own small ranch, escaping their poverty, insecurity and inevitable loneliness of a life of a migrant worker. The unusual nature of George and Lennie’s relationship raises suspicions amongst the boss’s son, Curley, a violent man who is victim of a unfortunate marriage  and hates « big guys like Lennie ». His wife is often with the other men in the ranch, because of her loneliness… Lennie is very strong and stupid and often kills animals without meaning it by stroking them. His friend, George, is smaller and cleverer. Lennie is often , in spite of him,the cause of troubles in a ranch…

Personal opinion :

I chose this book because my brother recommand it to me, he read it when he was in 2nde and I read the 1st chapter, and I thought it may be interesting.

I enjoyed this book because the plot was interesting , it was good to know better of how was America in 1936,  it wasn’t too long and difficult to read, the characters were attaching.

I would recommend this book for readers that are interested in the history of America and in simple stories with a hidden message.

Level : A little bit challenging because the author uses a precise vocabulary but the story and the plot are simple.

Rating : 4/5


dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Nouveau logo pour le club lecture


Le club a désormais un logo !

Un grand bravo à notre dessinatrice...

dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Black Beauty (5e/Groupe1)

Title:    Black Beauty                                                                   

Author: Anna Sewell

Genre : Novel

 Blurb :

The book tells about the life of a nice horse called Black Beauty during the 19th century in England. Its life was tough as it had to often change places, masters and jobs. During its life it has met good horse friends like Ginger, nice masters and grooms but it also has had bad experiences with some of the other masters and grooms it had. Finally its last masters and  place of living were very nice so it could have a well deserved good time for the rest of its life.  

Personal opinion:

Why I chose the book :         

I chose this book because the bookshop owner recomended it to me  as it was fitting  well with my English level.

What I enjoyed about the book :       
I enjoyed the whole book with the telling of the various stories of its life, with the many people and horses he met, the joys and hard times it experienced. Finally I liked the way it behaved with others, always gentle and good as its mother had advised to behave.

I would recommend this book to readers who :
I would recommend this book  for 7-8 years old girls who  are English or have a good level in English and for girls like me who are learning the language.

The level of this book is : it easy and hard at the same time because some part of the book are easy an some other part are more difficult.
There is a lot of new vocabulary .

Rating ; 4/5



Gerald Mc Boing Boing (5e/Groupe1)

Title :   Gerald Mc boing Boing
Author: Dr Seuss

Genre : comedy


It is a story of boy called Gerald Mc Cloy. At the begining of the story all was Ok but a a strange thing happened.His parents wasn’t sure of what it was sot they called a doctor but he never saw that of all his career. At school Gerald wasn’t accepted because of this defect. His parents was tired of this they decided to left him alone, stop talking to him. So he decided to leave  home and to go anywhere far from his house. One day a men took Gerald with him and helped him…

Personal opinion:

            Why I chose the book

            What I enjoyed about the book

            I would recommend this book to readers who …

I  choose this book because the cover was nice . I really enjoyed the story that was’nt so funny at the begining but really ends well.I would recommend this book to readers who like short stories.

It is a very short and easy book

Rating : 4/5



Little Lord Fauntleroy (5e/Groupe1)

Title :Little Lord Fauntleroy
Author:Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Genre:Adventure romain.

Blurb:The book is about a child(Cedric)who must be an earl after his grandfather death.

Personal opinion:

-I chose the book because I liked the cover when I saw it.

-I enjoyed everything in the book especially the moment when Cedric's granfather becomes kind and good.

-I would recommend this book to readers who like history and friends because Cedric has some importants friends.

Level:It is easy to read beceause there is not many vocabulary in the book.

 Rating : 4/5

Sinbad (6e/Groupe1)

By Jane Hardy-Gould

When father’s Sinbad dies, he gives him a lot of money. But after a year, Sinbad has spent all his money. He decides to buy carpets and to sell them back to different countries to make money with the help of a captain and his ship
It’s the begining of Sinbad’s adventures !!!

On a Island he finds a lot of jewels to sale. After selling all his carpets and his jewels he comes back home, but he’s bored so leaves for new trips .
During his new adventures, he escapes from a village of cannibals, he get married, he becomes an elephants hunter with his new friends, Yasmin.

It’s easy     
I choose the book because there are snakes on the cover book, so I wanted to read the book.

It’s a good book because I like adventures
I would recommend this book to readers who start to learn English because, it has the definition for difficult words.



The Tempest (6e/Groupe1)

Title : The Tempest
Author: William Shakespeare

Genre: Fantastic

Blurb :
Prospero is the Duke of Milan with his wife and daughter Miranda. Prospero and Miranda are banned from Milan by the king of Naples Alonso and his brother Antonio. So Prospero and Miranda are sent to a magic island. But one day Prospero sees a ship at sea. With magic he sees Alonso and Antonio on the ship. Thanks to Ariel (one spirit living on the island) the ship goes down and Alonso, Antonio, Gonzalo and Ferdinand (Alonso’s son) are on different part of island.

The play tells how Prospero will become Duke of Milan again. To do that, Prospero will use magic and the help of Ariel and Caliban (a monster living on the island). Prospero’s plan includes Miranda and Ferdinand to marry.

Personal opinion:

·         Why I chose the book ?

I chose this book because I wanted to read a book by William Shakespeare and I thought the story was interesting.

·         What I enjoyed about the book ?

I enjoyed everything about the book.

·         I would recommend this book to readers who …

Like the fantastic, like the magic and the love story.
Rating : 5/5