mardi 28 janvier 2014

Gangsta Granny (5ème/Groupe1)

Title: Gangsta Granny  
Author: David Walliams

Genre : Comical and humorous

Blurb :This story is about a boy and his  grand mother. He goes to her house every week-end but he doesnt like her, he thinks she is boring. But one day he discovers the true      personality of his grand mother: she is a gangster!

Personal opinion:

I chose this book because the book cover is colourful and the bookseller recommended  this book to me.
I enjoyed this book because its funny and I love the pictures.

     I would recommend this book to a reader because is a funny book.

 Level : For me this book was challenging to read because the vocabulary is difficult.

Rating : 4/5

Name of the reviewer:           Mathilde