vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Saffy's Angel (6e/Groupe1)

Title: Saffy's Angel

author: Hilary Mckay

genre : A family story

blurb :
The story is about a girl name saffron,she has 8 years old. she learn that her mom was not her real mom also he learn that her dad was not her real dad . saffron has 2 sisters  and 1 brother,the first one name caddy after came saffron after Indigo( Indigo was the only boy) and after came Rose.The mother of saffron name Linda she died by a car accident after saffron was born.After the grandpa of saffron die .Caddy lives the house to live in the grandpa's house,indigo with is car and rose left with some money.

personal opinion:
    Why I choose the book
    What I enjoyed about the book
    I would recommend this book to readers who …

I choose the book because I love family story .
I enjoyed when Eve (his fake mom) said that every time a child born she gives him a color.
I would recommend this book to readers who loves family story.

level (is it easy to read, challenging or other?):
the level is normal.

rating : 4 stars