dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Black Beauty (5e/Groupe1)

Title:    Black Beauty                                                                   

Author: Anna Sewell

Genre : Novel

 Blurb :

The book tells about the life of a nice horse called Black Beauty during the 19th century in England. Its life was tough as it had to often change places, masters and jobs. During its life it has met good horse friends like Ginger, nice masters and grooms but it also has had bad experiences with some of the other masters and grooms it had. Finally its last masters and  place of living were very nice so it could have a well deserved good time for the rest of its life.  

Personal opinion:

Why I chose the book :         

I chose this book because the bookshop owner recomended it to me  as it was fitting  well with my English level.

What I enjoyed about the book :       
I enjoyed the whole book with the telling of the various stories of its life, with the many people and horses he met, the joys and hard times it experienced. Finally I liked the way it behaved with others, always gentle and good as its mother had advised to behave.

I would recommend this book to readers who :
I would recommend this book  for 7-8 years old girls who  are English or have a good level in English and for girls like me who are learning the language.

The level of this book is : it easy and hard at the same time because some part of the book are easy an some other part are more difficult.
There is a lot of new vocabulary .

Rating ; 4/5