dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Gerald Mc Boing Boing (5e/Groupe1)

Title :   Gerald Mc boing Boing
Author: Dr Seuss

Genre : comedy


It is a story of boy called Gerald Mc Cloy. At the begining of the story all was Ok but a a strange thing happened.His parents wasn’t sure of what it was sot they called a doctor but he never saw that of all his career. At school Gerald wasn’t accepted because of this defect. His parents was tired of this they decided to left him alone, stop talking to him. So he decided to leave  home and to go anywhere far from his house. One day a men took Gerald with him and helped him…

Personal opinion:

            Why I chose the book

            What I enjoyed about the book

            I would recommend this book to readers who …

I  choose this book because the cover was nice . I really enjoyed the story that was’nt so funny at the begining but really ends well.I would recommend this book to readers who like short stories.

It is a very short and easy book

Rating : 4/5