dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Sinbad (6e/Groupe1)

By Jane Hardy-Gould

When father’s Sinbad dies, he gives him a lot of money. But after a year, Sinbad has spent all his money. He decides to buy carpets and to sell them back to different countries to make money with the help of a captain and his ship
It’s the begining of Sinbad’s adventures !!!

On a Island he finds a lot of jewels to sale. After selling all his carpets and his jewels he comes back home, but he’s bored so leaves for new trips .
During his new adventures, he escapes from a village of cannibals, he get married, he becomes an elephants hunter with his new friends, Yasmin.

It’s easy     
I choose the book because there are snakes on the cover book, so I wanted to read the book.

It’s a good book because I like adventures
I would recommend this book to readers who start to learn English because, it has the definition for difficult words.