vendredi 3 janvier 2014

The great fire of London (6e/Groupe1)

Title : The great fire of London

Author:Janet Hardy-Gould

 Genre : Tragic, funny and historical

Blurb: once upon a time, Thomas Farriner and Harriet are making bread . They were in hurry because they had to make some bread for the king. But by leaving they left the fire lit .A log cracked and set fire to their home and to almost all the district. Everybody were running for escaping this extraordinary fire : it was huge , and in five minutes it burned thirty four houses.

Personal opinion:
 I enjoyed reading this book, because the drawing is very good and the story is a true story. It is interesting to imagine the way of living in London in 1666.

I love time when the Lord Mayor trows one bucket of water on the fire and it makes nothing apart from making him in danger.

It is the perfect book for those who like comics and suspense.

Level The book is very easy to read because it's a comic with beautiful drawings and at the bottom of each pages there are explanations on complicated words.

Rating: 4/5                                    Name of the reviewer:        Luca