mardi 28 janvier 2014

Tale Of Two Cities (5ème/Groupe1)

Title:    Tale Of Two Cities       

Author: Charles Dickens
Genre: Drama


Blurb: This story takes place during the French revolution

M. Jarvis Lorry owner of a bank in London goes to Paris in France with Miss Lucy Manette to find Doctor Manette the father of Lucy who spent 18 years in the Bastille where he lost his memory. Mr. Lorry and Miss Manette brought Dr Manette back to London where he recovered. During the journey they encounter Charles Darnay who helps them.

One day Charles Darnay is to convened to a tribunal where he is accused of being a French spy. There he meets Sydney Corton who looks like him.  This creates confusion. Charles Darnay is declared innocent.

Charles marries Lucy.

Charles is in fact the Marquis de St. Evrémonde, a French aristocrat.  He learns that of an old friend has a problem in France and he goes to help.  He is arrested and his friends come to help him.  

Personal opinion:

            Why I chose the book: I choose the book because the album cover is attractive

            What I enjoyed about the book: The end of the story

            I would recommend this book to readers who have a little level of English

Level: Easy

Rating : 4/5                                                                                                  

Name of the reviewer: Cameron