mercredi 15 janvier 2014

Of mice and men (3ème/Groupe3)

Title : Of mice and men

Author : John Steinbeck

Genre : Fiction, tragedy

Blurb : It is the story of two migrant labourers, George  Milton and Lennie Small that start to work at a ranch in Northern California, having left their previous jobs in a hurry, following accusations of rape against the larger of the two men, Lennie. They have a common dream, to save up enough money to buy their own small ranch, escaping their poverty, insecurity and inevitable loneliness of a life of a migrant worker. The unusual nature of George and Lennie’s relationship raises suspicions amongst the boss’s son, Curley, a violent man who is victim of a unfortunate marriage  and hates « big guys like Lennie ». His wife is often with the other men in the ranch, because of her loneliness… Lennie is very strong and stupid and often kills animals without meaning it by stroking them. His friend, George, is smaller and cleverer. Lennie is often , in spite of him,the cause of troubles in a ranch…

Personal opinion :

I chose this book because my brother recommand it to me, he read it when he was in 2nde and I read the 1st chapter, and I thought it may be interesting.

I enjoyed this book because the plot was interesting , it was good to know better of how was America in 1936,  it wasn’t too long and difficult to read, the characters were attaching.

I would recommend this book for readers that are interested in the history of America and in simple stories with a hidden message.

Level : A little bit challenging because the author uses a precise vocabulary but the story and the plot are simple.

Rating : 4/5