mercredi 26 mars 2014

The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Time (5ème/Gr.2)

Title The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Time
Author: Mark Haddon

Genre: Mystery, Adventure

One night, Christopher, an autistic person, finds the dog Wellington dead. Wellington is Christopher's neighbour’s, Ms Shears, dog. He had a pitchfork hammered in his chest. So, Christopher decides to go search the murderer.
Christopher lives with his father because his mother is dead. But during his search for the murderer, he finds letters written by her mother dated from after her death. Now, Christopher has two mystery to solve:
-Who killed Wellington?
-Is his mother alive and if she is, why did she go away?

Personal opinion:
I chose this book because the title was intriguing and attractive.
What I enjoyed about this book is that it is an autistic person and not a detective that tries to solve the mystery of the dead dog.
I would recommend this book for patient readers who like mystery and adventure.

Level: This book is quite easy to read.

Rating:  4,5/5

First Name of the reviewer: Brice 
Class/English group: 5°C/group 2

vendredi 21 mars 2014

Workhouse (5ème/Gr.2)

Title :Workhouse

Author : Pamela Oldfield

Genre : It is an historical novel

Blurb :
This is the diary of Edith, a victorian girl living with her mother. She goes to visit the workhouse for the first time. There, she meets Rosie Chubb, an orphan working at the workhouse. Edith would like to help her...but how ?

Personal opinion :

I choose this book because I usually like this kind of story and the blurb made me curious. It is a very unusual and original story. You would never find such a book anywhere else. But it is also repetitive and boring. It is one of the most repetitive book I have ever read.
I would recommand this book to people who like the best historical novels.

Level : for me it is quite easy to read but it may be harder for other people.

Rating : 3/5


5C english group 2

Shadow (5ème/Gr.2)

Title: Shadow

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Genre : War and a bit of drama


Blurb: The book is about a boy called Aman telling his story to Matt’s grandpa but he had too many questions.How he  got to England,why he and his mother were in prison,why didn’t they stay in Afghanistan and who was this dog that they called Shadow? Will he reveal all his secrets?

Personal opinion: I chose this book for its front cover and enjoyed everything in it.I recommend this book for readers that enjoy reading  sad stories.One of the most amazing books I’ve ever read!!!!


Level : this book is easier  than other books I read .

Rating: 5/5
First Name of the reviewer: Gadea
5a Group 2  

Billionaire Boy (5ème/Gr.2)

Title: Billionaire Boy

Author: David Waliams

Genre : Humoristic


The narrator identifies himself as the hero of the story. He uses the “I” pronoun.

The hero of the book is the richest twelve year-old child in the whole world.

He has faced the most severe poverty before but his family was saved by his father’s new invention.

It’s a hilarious, touching and extraordinary new novel.

Joe has a lot of reasons to be happy, almost a billion of them, in fact.

In the book, Joe's rich, really, really rich, richer than any other child.

Joe's got his own bowling alley, his own cinema and his own butler who is an orangutan. He's the wealthiest twelve-year-old in the land.

Joe has absolutely everything he could possibly want, but there’s just one thing he really needs: a friend.
Personal opinion :
   I  chose this book because it looked funnier than others looking at the front cover.

I enjoyed  this book for what it gives you: the best lesson that money never makes happiness.

I would recommend this book to twelve year-old readers for them to understand the need of having friends

Level: it’s easy to read.

First Name of the reviewer: Achille      
Class/ English group: 5C/ Group 2


The Bad Beginnig (5ème/Gr.2)

      Title: The Bad Beginnig

      Author: by Lemony Snicket  (Alias for Daniel Handler)

      Genre: Tragedy / Drama

Everything goes well in the Baudelaires’ family, one of the richest family ever. One day, a man, a banker, tells the three children: Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire that their parents are dead in a fire.

The orphans are adopted by Count Olaf, but they find out that he is a bad person who only likes money and would never love them. He finds out that they have a lot of money and wants to steal it. Nobody believes them and they need to find a way to escape from the terrifying house with eyes painted everywhere...

Will the children let the villain take their money?

      Personal opinion:                                                                     

I chose this book because my brother read it and he told me that it was not too hard… and not too easy. The story is a kind of tragedy, but things are not as awful as feared at the end of the book.


 I recommend this book to those who like suspense, mystery … This is also one of the best books for those who are learning English.

      Rating : 2/5

First Name of the reviewer: Adrien                         

Class/ English group:5°/ Group 2


The falcon's malteser (5ème/Gr.2)

Title: The falcon’s malteser

Author:Anthony Horowitz
Genre : Detective


Blurb :

This book is about a dwarf called Johnny Naples who has given one envelope that contains... to the brothers Tim and Nick Diamond.

Days after, the dwarf dies.

A lot of people die to protect the envelope and now psychopathic killers want to kill the Diamonds to get the envelope. Will the Diamonds survive?

Personal opinion:

I had chosen this book because when I read the blurb it looked very interesting because the book looked very suspenseful, scary  and intriguing. I enjoyed the book because it is a detective book and I love the Detective Genre. I would recommend the book to all the people who like detective books.


This book is pretty easy to read but it takes some time to read because this book contains more than 200 pages.

First Name of the reviewer: Ahmed   
Class/ English group: 5°c\ group 2

Confession of a teenage DRAMA QUEEN (5ème/Gr.2)

Title:    Confession of a teenage DRAMA QUEEN  
Author: Dyan Sheldon

Genre : Young adult novel


Lola Cep moved from New York to a little town called New Jersey. The 15 year-old teenager loves acting and dreams to be a famous actress. In her new school she became best friend with the unpopular Ella, who loves the band Sidarthur. For the school play Carla, a beautiful rich and popular girl, has been chosen to play the main character over Lola ... The two girls now hate each other. One day, Carla gets tickets for the last concert of the band. Lola became so jealous she lied to Carla by saying Ella and herself planned to go to the concert as well. The two girls asked permission to their parents to go to the concert but they didn't want them to go alone.

Will Ella and Lola go to the concert but will Carla prevent them to go and see their favourite band?

 Personal opinion:

Lola explains her private life so I recommend the book just for girls.

I've chosen this book because a friend from my old school recommended it. I think I have never read a novel so boring before. Confession of a teenage drama queen is the most repetitive story I've ever read but I enjoyed the end because it was easy-to-read and also a bit astonishing. I really don't recommend it because it was one of the most forgettable books I've read.

If I was forced to suggest the book to a person, I would give it to a teenager who likes believable and realistic stories. But it is maybe more interesting for older girls.

Level: No it isn't really easy to read but also not difficult, I would say it's better for girls who are in grade 8.

 First Name of the reviewer: Charlotte

 Class/ English group: 5C/Group 2

The serpent’s shadow (5ème/Gr.2)

The serpent’s shadow

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre : Adventure, science-fiction


Blurb: Despite their bravest efforts, Carter and Sadie Kane are heading for Doomsday. The giant snake of chaos, Apophis, wants to plunge the world into eternal darkness… So, their challenge is to defeat Apophis himself, a feat no magician has ever managed!

They must find an ancient spell. However, the spell has been lost for a millennium.Will they find it or will they die with the end of the world ?

 “STUNNING!!” The Times

Personal opinion: I chose this book because it’s the third of a trilogy and I wanted to read the end of this trilogy. This book is better than the first and the second and the best among the other books of this author I’ve ever read.   I love action books like this one. I would recommend this book to people who like mythology, adventure and action.

Level: It’s easy to read, I didn’t have a lot of difficulties.

Rating: 5/5

First Name of the reviewer: Elie

Class/ English group:  5eC/ group 2  



Wonder (5ème/Gr.2)

Title : Wonder                                                                       

Author:  R.J.Palacio

Genre : Tragedy/Realistic fiction


Blurb: Wonder is the moving and uplifting tale of August Pullman, a boy born with something that others don’t have at all...For them, he is an animal, a strangeness.And he knows that.He is like this, that is all.Will he finally manage to blend in ? Only one person knows...And he hates talking about himself.Find out if he will finally get any friend during his first year of secondary school.

Personal opinion:

            I chose this book because it piqued my curiosity when I read the summary at the back.

It is the saddest story I know,  and it is really not boring.The bullying from the other students is very shameful. It also helps you understand the feelings of a bullied child.I’ve never read a sadder story.

            I would only recommend this book to adults because it is very complicated.

Level This is definitely one of the most complicated books I’ve ever read.And I’ve read many books.


First Name of the reviewer: Gautier       
Class/ English group: 5B/group2

The princess diaries 2 (5ème/Gr.2)

Title:The princess diaries 2

Author:Meg Cabot

Genre:It’s the best comical and realistic novel I’ve ever read!

Blurb: Her life was really simple, 14 years old, tall and no boyfriend. Mia could

have been one of the most typical teenager BUT she’s not

It’s a nightmare, her grandmother is setting an event more important than Christmas

on Halloween and Mia has a ‘date‘ on the same day, WHAT CAN SHE DO?
Personal opinion:

I chose this book because when I read the blurb it looked really nice and funny but

especially when I was in primary I read Take One and it was hilarious.

I enjoyed the story, her adventures with her grandmother is ridiculously funny.

I would recommend this book especially to girls but I think if you want to read it, it is

 your last chance because it’s too easy to read but it’s still a story:)


The level is really simple even if there are a lot of pages.

Rating: 3,5/5

First Name of the reviewer: Laure             

Class/ English group:Group 2 5°C


Fantastic Mr Fox (5ème/Gr.2)

Fantastic Mr Fox
By Roald Dahl

Genre: Animals


Mr Fox and his family live in a hole, near a tree. To feed them, he steals chickens from the mean farmers: Boggis, Bunce and Bean. When they realise that, they plan to kill him and his family by any means necessary… Will he and his family escape from those three farmers ? Maybe YOU would have to find a solution to HELP THEM in reading the book.

my opinion: I chose this book because it seemed to be better than the other Roald Dahl’s books and also because it changed from what I read every day. Normally it is more romantic or detective novels that I read but this one was interesting.I’ve never read animal books by Roald Dahl. I think it is the third time that I read an animal book. I won’t say that it was the most exciting animal novel. But I will never say that it was the worst either!! It is a fast-paced book and it is original!.Personally, I will recommend this book to little children who like animal books too, because it is too easy to read. I think it is the easier animal book I’ve ever read !

Book’s level: Well, I think it is TOO easy to read. I would prefer it more complex! It is more for children to be honest!

My rating: 3/5

5B, Group 2

House at the end of the street (5ème/Gr.2)

Title:    HOUSE AT the END Of the Street                                                                                   

Author: Lily Blake



the book is about a teenage girl who moves in a house and her next doors neighbour is a child who lives alone because his family got murdered by their daughter

Personal opinion:

this book is good and has suspense in it


the level  of  the Book is easy and not challenging

First Name of the reviewer: Malik              
Class/ English group: 5°group 2

Girl 15 Charming But Insane (5ème/Groupe 2)

Title:    Girl 15 Charming But Insane         
Author: Sue Limb
Genre : It is a hilarious, life-like and girly fiction.

 Blurb : Jess Jordan, a teenage girl wants to be popular and beautiful but she has to live with the knowledge that her best friend Flora is a goddess...She is always dressed more beautifully than everyone, always the best …   Jess always fancied Ben Jones but when he starts talking to her, it all changes. Fred is Jess’s best friend but he is also her guardian angel.                 

Which one of them will be able to help Jess through her teen life crisis ?                                                   

Will it be a happy end or a humiliating one ?

Personal opinion: It is one of the best English book I’ve ever read because I’ve never read a book like this one. I enjoyed this book became you can easily identify yourself with Jess. Also, the confessions of Jess are funny and the book is not too long. This book should be read by girls between 12 and 15.

Level : Easy

Rating    : 4/5


First Name of the reviewer: Pauline           

Class/ English group: 5C, Group 2