lundi 12 mai 2014

The Phantom of the Opera (3ème/Groupe2)

Title : The Phantom of the Opera

Author : Gaston Leroux

Genre : gothic, romance

Blurb : In 1880, a ghost is haunting the Opera house in Paris. He is named the phantom of the Opera. He is in black clothes and wears a mask to cover his yellow face. He has no nose and black holes for his eyes. This ghost has provoked a lot of accidents and everybody is afraid of him. Has anyone ever seen him ? Not until the phantom falls in love with a young singer, named Christine. He will do everything to show his love, even killing innocent people…
Will you discover the mystery of the phantom of the Opera ?

Personal opinion : I have chosen this book because I read it before going to the musical for a better comprehension. I like where the action was taking place. This book is suspenseful. I would recommend this book to readers who like romantic and scary books or fantasy books. It is the most mysterious book of this genre ever, and the most poignantly written. There will never be such an unexpected twist. It is more carefully crafted than the theatre piece.

Level : It is not a really hard book to read. There are sometimes words which are difficult but otherwise it is really simple to understand.

rating: 4/5                

Name of the reviewer : Damien                
Class :3emeA