jeudi 8 mai 2014

Da Vinci Code (3eme/Groupe2)

Title: Da Vinci Code                                                                                 

Author: Dan Brown

Genre : Thriller

Blurb: During a business travel to Paris, a Harvard teacher is being called and told the Louvre curator was murdered inside the most visited museum of Paris. The police ask him to help them to resolve the case. Unfortunately, he becomes the primary suspect… Will the police resolve the museum’s mystery?

“The best Dan Brown’s book”.

Personal opinion: I think this book is as boring as a maths lesson. I chose this book because I had seen a lot of interesting reviews about it.I did not enjoy this book because it is the most tedious book I have ever read.  I would not recommend this book to lazy people because sometimes you just want to give up. Maybe some more courageous people are going to enjoy reading this book.

Level: beginners should never try to read this book.

Rating: 3/5

Robin and Arthur                           

Class/ English group: 3B gr2