lundi 12 mai 2014

Elephants can Remember (4ème/Groupe2)

Title : Elephants can Remember

Author : Agatha Christie

Genre : Detective story

Blurb: Mrs Oliver, a famous writer, had a literary luncheon. She did enjoy the lunch but not the bossy woman who began to talk about Mrs Oliver's goddaughter. This woman asked Mrs Oliver about the girl's father and mother: "Did the mother kill her father or was it the father who killed the mother?"

I chose this book because I enjoy the "Hercule Poirot" series very much. This book is different from the others however it is a brilliant book.

What I enjoyed about this book is the context.  Normally you have H.Poirot asking the suspects questions and searching evidence whereas in this book there are no suspects or evidence and the crime/suicide has happened many years ago.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves crimes and detective stories.

Level: The English is easy to understand so most students can understand it.

Rating : 4/5

Gabriel R