lundi 12 mai 2014

Progressez en anglais grace a … HAMLET (3ème/Groupe2)

Title: Progressez en anglais grace a … HAMLET                                       

Author: It was written by William Shakespeare

Genre :  Theatre (Tragic play)


Hamlet, King of Denmark has been killed whilst he was napping by Claudius, his brother who became the King of Denmark. People think he was sick but it is not true…
The ghost of King Hamlet appeared to Prince Hamlet, his son, to tell him what happened…
So, Hamlet wants to avenge his father: he is going to feign he is crazy.
He invited everybody to a theatre play he just ordered.
The play is a reconstruction of what really happened:
Thus, King Claudius knows Hamlet is in the know about what he did and stops the play before the end.
Hamlet is now sure Claudius killed his father. He wants to kill him but he hesitates. He decides to tell everything to his mother, Queen Gertrude.
He thought King Claudius was spying on them behind a curtain, he decides to hammer his sword in the curtains but it was not King Claudius, but Polonius, his adviser…
Learning this, Claudius exiles Hamlet in England but he comes back to Denmark.
Claudius wants to kill Hamlet because he is dangerous, he knows everything…
Will Hamlet survive ?
Crack the mystery, and read the book !

Personal opinion:
I chose this book because it is the most famous play of one of the most famous writer ever: Shakespeare, and because I wanted to know the story. For me, it is his best play. It is even better than Romeo and Juliet.
In the book, I enjoyed the whole story, but above all, the end.
I would recommend this book to readers who appreciate entertaining books, suspense and tragedy. It’s one of the most compelling book I have ever read

It is not easy to read at all, a lot of words I have never seen before,but I had the French translation so I could understand everything.


First Name of the reviewer:  Maxime et Bruno         

Class/ English group: 3C, Group 2