lundi 12 mai 2014

Robinson Crusoe (3ème/Groupe2)

Title:    Robinson Crusoe

Author: Daniel Defoe

Genre: Adventure book

Blurb: Robinson Crusoe had a quiet life. He had always wanted to be a sailor. But his parents hoped for him to find a calm work with a good wage to have a long and joyful life. And he did, he had a peaceful life in a farm and he was rich. One day, some friends suggested to him to sail with them to Africa for some trade. He hadn’t been at sea for a long time and he accepted. This was the biggest and the most beautiful ship he had ever seen. He was so excited! He was going for 3 months, he had never been travelling that long. But unfortunately, the worst happened and the ship ran aground next to a little isle in South America. Will he survive alone? Will he be cleverer than nature? Do you think he will ever come back in the civilised world? If you want to know, read this book NOW!

Personal opinion
-I chose this book because it is quick to read;
-I enjoyed the suspense in the book and I couldn’t stop reading it before I finished it, this is a breath-taking book;
-I would recommend this book to beginners and readers that want action.
Level : This book is really easy to read.


First Name of the reviewer:   Hugo 

 Class/ English group: 3C / Group 2