lundi 12 mai 2014

The Help (4ème/Groupe2)


Author: Kathryn Stockett                                    

Genre: Historic Novel


The Help is set in Jackson, Mississipi and begins in August 1962. 

Miss Skeeter, a 20-year- old young woman, leaves Ole Miss University and comes back to her hometown, Jackson.
There, she discovers how racist her white ‘friends’ are towards their black maids.

Being racist was seen as normal at the time.

However, Miss Skeeter  went to university so she is more intelligent and respectful than her friends. She is disgusted by the situation and decides to write a book entitled « The Help » in order to make things change in her town.

I chose this book because I heard about the movie (inspired from the book).

What I enjoyed  about this book  is that I learned a few things thanks to it: I didn’t think that in the 60s (which are not that far away) there was still such discrimination in the USA! 

I would recommend it to readers who like learning about the past and to those who like beautiful friendship stories. 

This book is quite easy to read, I think anybody who has an intermediate to good level in English can read it.

Rating:  4/5

Camille B 4ème