lundi 12 mai 2014

South of Hell (4ème/Groupe2)

Title: South of hell

Author: P.J.Parrish

Genre: Crime fiction/Thriller

Owen Brandt is released from prison after having committed violent crimes against women years after the strange disappearance of his wife Jean. Although there are no proof Brandt took part in the mysterious disappearance of his wife, PI Louis Kincaid and Joe Frye, two Miami detectives, decide to investigate. To start their investigation, they go to a town called Hell and find a teenage girl, hiding, frightened and confused. She manages to tell them that her name is Amy and that she is the daughter of Jean and Owen Brandt. The case becomes more and more difficult for the two detectives because the Brandts were never believed to have any kids. Amy manages to give little details about her past suggesting that her father had killed his wife. Some secrets of Louis’ own personal past will distract him during the investigation and may have consequences. Will Louis and Joe solve this mystery before it is too late?
I chose this book because I like science fiction and  thrillers…

What I enjoyed about the book are the scary passages because they make you feel unwell especially when you read at night in the dark.

When you start reading it, you want to finish it and know what action is going to happen just next.
I would recommend this book to good readers who like scary, fiction and thriller books.

This book is for good readers because of quite complicated vocabulary at some times.

Rating:  4/5    “Excellent”

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