mardi 13 mai 2014

Mr Stink (5ème/Groupe3)

Mr Stink

By David Williams

Genre: comedy

Blurb: There was a girl named Chloe who was 12 years old and felt extremely lonely.  There was this rather rusty man with an equally rusty dog who kept him company.  She often saw them sitting on a bench: this was Mr Stink and his dog Duchess. They were homeless and they stank quite a bit too.  One day Chloe took all her courage and went to talk to Mr Stink and even invited him to come with his dog to live at her house.  The only problem was that Chloe’s parents would never accept a homeless stranger in their house so Chloe made Mr Stink sleep in the shed in the corner of the garden.  After several days, Mr Stink and Duchess went in the house to meet Chloe’s parents but unfortunately, Chloe’s mother did not receive him very well but her dad felt sorry for him and let Mr Stink stay a few more days but, unexpectedly, Mr Stink did not want to stay long because he was a wanderer and not a man who would live in a shed all his life.

I chose this book because I read another book by the same author, before, Millionaire Boy, and I loved it. 

What I enjoyed about this book is that it is hilarious but with a  serious message of love, friendship and tolerance, too. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading a page-turner!

Level: 9 years old and above

Rating: 9/10 at least!!


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