mardi 1 avril 2014

Scorpia (6ème/Gr.2)

Title:  Scorpia

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Genre : Novel, fantasy, action

Blurb : Alex Rider is a secret spy working for MI6. He goes to a school trip in Venice, and finds something strange happening in Venise, and does his investigation. He finds out the deadliest secret organisation: Scorpia.

Will Alex Rider choose to work for the MI6 ot to work for Scorpia, the assassins’ organisation?

Personal opinion:

 I chose the book because I like spies and action and I never read home stories, if I ever read one, I am going to be sick.

I enjoyed when Alex Rider fought with a guy in a giant balloon.    

I would recommend this book to people who like action and mysteries…


6° group 2