mercredi 9 avril 2014

Anton and Piranha (6ème/Gr.2)

Title: Anton and Piranha

Author: Milena Baish

Genre: Adventure

Blurb: Anton is taken by his grandparents to a holiday camp hidden in the forest. He thought it will be the coolest summer of his life as he had planned to spend his entire holiday in the swimming pool… But who said there was one? Once arrived, he discovered the most disgusting pond he has ever seen. After few boring days, Anton really doesn’t know what to do. Will he find something funny to do?

Personal opinion:
“It’s a unique book and I wished it would have been longer”
The Monthly News
I chose this book because it’s never boring and also because my grandparents call me Anton, like the hero.
I recommend this book to readers who get quickly annoyed because you always want to read the next page.

A very easy book to read with the simplest words!
Rating : 5/5  
First Name of the reviewer:  Antonin        
Class/ English group: 6ème A/Group 2