mercredi 9 avril 2014

James and the giant peach (4ème/Gr.1)

Title: James and the giant peach                                                                                                              

Author:By Roald Dahl
Genre :Children’s novel-magical adventure

James Henry Trotter’s parents were killed.Now he lives with his two aunts,aunt Sponge and aunt Spiker.They are the most horrible aunts I’ve ever seen,they are also selfish,lazy and cruel.One day a man gives him a potion that will make him happier than before.James inadvertently drops the potion near a peach tree.The next day,James finds a giant peach in the garden and giant insects.James has never seen a giant peach ant lots of gigantic insects.A big adventure is starting for James.Will something horrible happen to him?

Personal opinion:
I chose this book because I like Roald Dahl’s stories and his fantasy.His stories are the most fantastic stories I’ve ever read. I’ve enjoyed the book because there is a lot of suspense and I want to know what will happen to James.I would recommend this book to all the people and mainly to the people who like fantasy and magic stories.

The level is intermediate.

Rating:  5/5

First Name of the reviewer:Hugo                

Class/ English group: 4B Group 1