mercredi 9 avril 2014

George’s marvellous medicine (4ème/Gr.1)

Title:  George’s marvellous medicine

Author: Roald Dahl

Genre : Children’s literature, funny.

This book is about a little boy who hates his grandmother because she’s always angry, selfish and she was hateful too. So he was frightened by what she was saying to him and he decided to prepare a magic recipe because he wanted her to be good, so she has to take a large spoonful of medicine four times a day… What is going to happen to the grandmother? What is going to be the reaction of his parents?

Personal opinion:
I’ve chosen this book because I first read it when I was younger and it was really easy to read, so I decided to read it again. And I think that this one was better than “The magic finger” another book from the same author. But maybe this book is more interesting than the other and more simple to read. I’ve never read a book shorter than this one. The author is the most popular I’ve ever seen.
I enjoyed the real end of the book when the grandmother disappears, this made me laugh and I like it when the author adds funny things..I recommend this book to people who like reading just a bit because it’s a really short book.

This book is really easy to read, there are images to understand more what the story is about.

Rating: 3/5

First Name of the reviewer: Sabrina  
Class/ English group: Group 1/4°