mardi 1 avril 2014

Middle School : My brother is a big fat liar (6ème/Gr.2)

Title : Middle School : My Brother is a Big Fat  Liar                                    
Author: James Patterson and Lisa Papademetriou

Genre : Diary , Humorous and Best-Seller genre.

Blurb: It is the story about a girl called Georgia  who has a brother called Rafe. Georgia is going to Middle school but it was the old school of her brother,Rafe.The brother, as sneakily as a spy,  signed them into a rock band  competition and she thinks she will never win .The problem is that Rafe has done silly things and broken all the school rules and the worst is that the teachers think  his sister is the same as him so…Will she convince them she is different and not bad ?

-The best book I have ever read this year…

The Times

Personal opinion:
 I chose the book because I liked the cover and I like diary and humorous genres. I enjoyed the fact that Rafe does silly things and the story is very funny. I will recommend this book to people who like Diary genres and Humour.

 Level: It is not that difficult , the letters are big but there are over 200 pages, so I recommend it to  people who read a lot.                                                               

Rating: out of 5 I give : 3,5/5

First Name of the reviewer:  Luca                

Class/ English group: 6A  Group 2