mercredi 9 avril 2014

Little Women (4ème/Gr.1)

Title : Little Women

Author: louisa May Alcott

Genre : roman narrative

This story is about is talking about four sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy who live with their mother. Meg  was the eldest , she has the most beautiful eyes Ii’ve ever seen in my life. But Jo is fifteen, she has dark eyes and the longest brown hair, Beth is thirteen and she is very quiet. And finally little Amy has blue eyes and blond hair. Their father is away in the war so they don’t have much money. But the girls have happy times, too!

Personal opinion:
            I’ve choose this book because the story is important and is a reality.
what I enjoyed in the book is the fact that they love and help each other.
            I would recommend this book someone reading I love reading a story happening in real life!

Level: This book is easy to read and suits with my level in English!

Rating: 5/5

First Name of the reviewer: Mame Fatim              
Class/ English group: 4eC (grp 1)