mercredi 9 avril 2014

School for stars (4ème/Gr.1)

Title: School for stars
Author: Holly and Kelly Willoughly

Genre :It’s a girly story, But it is also an adventure book but a girl adventure book :)

Blurb: The book talks about three girls: Molly, Maria and Pippa. Their passion is dancing . They are best friends, you will feel the friendship, they share everything together. So many things are going to happen to them this year… They'll meet a lovely dog and people...  But do you  think  everything is going to be perfect?

Personal opinion: I chose this book because the book cover looked fun and the plot inspired me. Personally, I did not enjoy this book I think it the most annoying girly book I have ever readBut after, everyone has their personal opinion, you  can think that this book is better than I think. I didn’t enjoy it because it was very boring, normally I never read girly books and now I know why ;) the book talks about girls, their life and their problems but I think I am a bit too old to read this kind of books … I would recommend it for girls around 8-12 years old, for girls who like girls’ stories,dancing and I wouldn’t recommend it for girls who like adventure stories... And boys : Never read this book !!

Level: The level is very easy, everyone can read it even the beginners! It is the easiest level on the ladder.

Rating: 5/5

First Name of the reviewer: Valentine                  
Class/ English group:4°/g1