mercredi 9 avril 2014

How I live now (4ème/Gr.1)

Title : How I live now

Author : Meg Roscoff

Genre : war and drama

Blurb :
A 15 year-old American girl comes to Engm
land to see her cousins Admond, Isaac, Osbert and Piper. Her name is Elizabeth but everyone calls her Daisy. After a week, she falls in love with Edmond, her oldes cousin, but because of the war she and Piper are sent in another family (the McEvoy). After a few weeks, Mr McEvoy is killed. Daisy and Piper decide to escape...
Do you think Piper and Daisy will survive, and come back home ?
Will Daisy ever see Edmond again ?

"I loved this book because there is love but also action and suspense" The Times
"It's best drama I've ever read" CFBL newspaper
"A powerful and loved novel...a very good story by Roscoff"

First name of the reviewer : Ilona
Class/English group : 4eC / 1st group