mardi 1 avril 2014

Princess Diary-Princess in love (6ème/Gr.2)

Title : Princess Diary-Princess in love                     

Author: Meg Cabot

Genre : Romance-diary

Blurb: Mia is the granddaughter of the queen of Genovia. She has to prepare her trip to become an elegant princess.

For the first time, she has got a boyfriend, Kenny even if she doesn’t love him…
But she loves Michael, her best friend’s older brother.

Will she get the courage to tell Kenny that she doesn’t love him?

How will she tell Michael that she has feelings for him?

Personal opinion:

I’ve chosen this novel because I read the previous books of Meg Cabot in French. So when I learnt that Meg Cabot was American, I decided to read the next ones in English (this one is better than the other one!).

I really liked the nature of Mia! And her love story! It’s the best book of princess for teen girls I’ve ever read! The only adjectives that can describe this book are: best selling and award winning!

Warning: never read this book it is contagious!

I would recommend this book to teen girls, who like princess love story!

The best princess book ever.

Level:I think it's a book for a level like mine, and even for a higher one. But it's not for beginners because it's too hard (sometimes there are complicated  words to understand).


First Name of the reviewer: Camille and Apolline
Class/ English group: gr.2