vendredi 21 mars 2014

Workhouse (5ème/Gr.2)

Title :Workhouse

Author : Pamela Oldfield

Genre : It is an historical novel

Blurb :
This is the diary of Edith, a victorian girl living with her mother. She goes to visit the workhouse for the first time. There, she meets Rosie Chubb, an orphan working at the workhouse. Edith would like to help her...but how ?

Personal opinion :

I choose this book because I usually like this kind of story and the blurb made me curious. It is a very unusual and original story. You would never find such a book anywhere else. But it is also repetitive and boring. It is one of the most repetitive book I have ever read.
I would recommand this book to people who like the best historical novels.

Level : for me it is quite easy to read but it may be harder for other people.

Rating : 3/5


5C english group 2