vendredi 21 mars 2014

The Bad Beginnig (5ème/Gr.2)

      Title: The Bad Beginnig

      Author: by Lemony Snicket  (Alias for Daniel Handler)

      Genre: Tragedy / Drama

Everything goes well in the Baudelaires’ family, one of the richest family ever. One day, a man, a banker, tells the three children: Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire that their parents are dead in a fire.

The orphans are adopted by Count Olaf, but they find out that he is a bad person who only likes money and would never love them. He finds out that they have a lot of money and wants to steal it. Nobody believes them and they need to find a way to escape from the terrifying house with eyes painted everywhere...

Will the children let the villain take their money?

      Personal opinion:                                                                     

I chose this book because my brother read it and he told me that it was not too hard… and not too easy. The story is a kind of tragedy, but things are not as awful as feared at the end of the book.


 I recommend this book to those who like suspense, mystery … This is also one of the best books for those who are learning English.

      Rating : 2/5

First Name of the reviewer: Adrien                         

Class/ English group:5°/ Group 2