vendredi 21 mars 2014

The falcon's malteser (5ème/Gr.2)

Title: The falcon’s malteser

Author:Anthony Horowitz
Genre : Detective


Blurb :

This book is about a dwarf called Johnny Naples who has given one envelope that contains... to the brothers Tim and Nick Diamond.

Days after, the dwarf dies.

A lot of people die to protect the envelope and now psychopathic killers want to kill the Diamonds to get the envelope. Will the Diamonds survive?

Personal opinion:

I had chosen this book because when I read the blurb it looked very interesting because the book looked very suspenseful, scary  and intriguing. I enjoyed the book because it is a detective book and I love the Detective Genre. I would recommend the book to all the people who like detective books.


This book is pretty easy to read but it takes some time to read because this book contains more than 200 pages.

First Name of the reviewer: Ahmed   
Class/ English group: 5°c\ group 2