vendredi 21 mars 2014

Confession of a teenage DRAMA QUEEN (5ème/Gr.2)

Title:    Confession of a teenage DRAMA QUEEN  
Author: Dyan Sheldon

Genre : Young adult novel


Lola Cep moved from New York to a little town called New Jersey. The 15 year-old teenager loves acting and dreams to be a famous actress. In her new school she became best friend with the unpopular Ella, who loves the band Sidarthur. For the school play Carla, a beautiful rich and popular girl, has been chosen to play the main character over Lola ... The two girls now hate each other. One day, Carla gets tickets for the last concert of the band. Lola became so jealous she lied to Carla by saying Ella and herself planned to go to the concert as well. The two girls asked permission to their parents to go to the concert but they didn't want them to go alone.

Will Ella and Lola go to the concert but will Carla prevent them to go and see their favourite band?

 Personal opinion:

Lola explains her private life so I recommend the book just for girls.

I've chosen this book because a friend from my old school recommended it. I think I have never read a novel so boring before. Confession of a teenage drama queen is the most repetitive story I've ever read but I enjoyed the end because it was easy-to-read and also a bit astonishing. I really don't recommend it because it was one of the most forgettable books I've read.

If I was forced to suggest the book to a person, I would give it to a teenager who likes believable and realistic stories. But it is maybe more interesting for older girls.

Level: No it isn't really easy to read but also not difficult, I would say it's better for girls who are in grade 8.

 First Name of the reviewer: Charlotte

 Class/ English group: 5C/Group 2