vendredi 21 mars 2014

Six words and a wish (5ème/Groupe 2)

Title: Six words and a wish
Author:Karen McCombie

Genre :Realistic fiction


The story is about a thirteen year old girl called Jem (Jemina).

She lives in a weird house full of Christmas decorations all year long.

Her dad is a clown, her mum runs a café for kids and her sister (Gracie )  left the house two years ago.Jem thinks that her disappearance is her fault because before Gracie left, she said something that Gracie didn’t like.

Neither the father,nor the mother,nor Jem know where she is hiding.

Iris (Jem’s best friend) and Jem keep seeing coincidences (that they call “Sooks”) which make them think that Gracie is much closer than they thought...There are mysterious noises and sounds in her room which has not been opened since she disappeared, friends of her that Jem meets again etc...

Is Jem going to find out where Gracie is hiding and why she left?

It’s an entertaining and realistic book for children who love reading.

 Personal opinion:
     I chose this book because when I read the summary,it made me want to read the book.

The summary was funny and well decorated.
      Like in all the books, I enjoyed the end because it was emotional and surprising.The end is better than the start.
     I wouldn’t recommend this book to people that don’t like to read because it’s a bit long and there are lots of books that are funnier than this one, it wasn’t as good as the last book that I read last year. 

I was disappointed  because it doesn’t really talk about Gracie but about Jem and her life.    


The book is easy to read but there were some words that I couldn’t understand.

Rating: 5/5

First Name of the reviewer: Sixtine, 5° group 2                  
Class/ English group: 5C