vendredi 29 novembre 2013

War Horse (3ème/Groupe1)

Author : Michael Morpugo

Historical Drama

War horse is about a horse named Joe and a boy called Albert.

At the outbreak of WWI the British Army needs horses and Joe is taken to France. Albert can’t go to war because of his age, but he will do anything to save Joe.


Why I chose this book:
I like books that tell a real story. And I had heard a lot about this book so I was curious to see if it was an amazing book. And, yes, it is!

What I enjoyed about the book:
I really enjoyed this book because we can feel the feelings of Joe, and it’s a story about friendship.

I would recommend this book to readers who like friendship, horses, history and sad stories.
Level: it’s an easy book but there is a lot of vocabulary.
Rating: 5 /5