vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Pride and Prejudice (4ème/Groupe2)

Author : Jane Austen
Genre:  19th century classic

Blurb :  Pride and Prejudice is the story of the five young girls who need to get married. Those girls are the daughters of Mrs and Mr. Bennet. As a young man named Mr.Bingley is coming in Netherfield, the family is excepting that one of their daughters will married Mr.Bingley. However, Mr.Bingley is not coming all alone, he is coming with his friend Mr. Darcy and his sister. Will Mr. Darcy like Miss. Elizabeth?

Why I chose this book:
I chose this book because I love the author Jane Austen. In addition,  Pride and Prejudice is a book that needs to be read in a life-time. As I first saw the film I thought the book could be as good as the film. I also like the countryside and I found the scenery gorgeous. I am also extremely sensitive about the way of living in the English Countryside at that period of time.

What I liked about the book :
My personal opinion is based on the writing which was extremely good but complicated and the story which is like an emblem of the “gentry” and was a description of the behaviour of citizens of the English countryside who are always in need of money and glamour.

In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen shows with humour and affection the mentality of the “gentry”, in pinning the stupidity and the strength of the prejudices of this little noblesse of the English countryside, who goes from balls to receptions, and who envies and admires the wealth and titles of the nobility.

I would recommend the book to   the readers who are interested in Jane Austen’s books and who like glamour and irony. I would probably recommend it to girls around 13 years old but after this age, everybody can read it.

Level : I would say that the English language was difficult but I could follow because I had seen the film before.

Rating :  4 / 5