vendredi 22 novembre 2013

The Abduction (4ème/Groupe2)

Author: John Grisham
Genre: Realistic thriller

Blurb: When his best friend April disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night, no one, not even Theo, has the answers. As fear ripples through his small hometown and the police hit dead ends, it’s up to Theo to use his legal   knowledge and investigative skills to chase down the truth and save April.
My opinion:
I choose this book because I love mystery and thriller novels. 

What I liked about the book:

It is a great book because Theo, the principal character and  the son of two layers that had the firm, Boone & Boone,  makes fun of the police, he knows the laws by heart and the police do not know them all. Theo is being helped by his uncle who finds clues for  him. That’s why Theo could be on the trail of his best friend. It took him two days to find the trail but in four days the police came to a dead end.

I would recommend the book to readers who love adventures, thrillers and mystery books.
Level of reading: It is a book that can be read from level A2 and plus.

Rating : 5/5