vendredi 22 novembre 2013

Millions$ (3ème/Groupe1)

Author : Franck Cottrell Boyce
Genre: humour, adventure

Blurb: After the death of his mother, a  young boy,  Damian,  is totally obsessed with saints. He wants to become a saint. One  night, as he is with his brother, something heavy hits the roof. He runs outside:  A sack with its contents spilling out. It is a lot of money… Millions….

His discovery comes at a time when England is about to change its currency and join the Euro so they have to find a way to spend the money as quickly as possible…

Personal opinion :

I choose this book because the bookseller recommended it to me. I asked for advice to a book with an intermediate level and with humour, adventure or suspense. It is a short and amusing tale about two brothers trying to make sense of a  fortune. It makes you think about what you would do with a million pounds to be spent in 17 days…

I enjoyed this book because it is a child’s  point of view about the power of the money. It is very funny and extraordinary story.

I would recommend this book to a person who likes a funny read and who has a good sense of humour. Some passages are boring when the boy doesn’t stop talking about saints.
Level : intermediate
Rating : 4/5