dimanche 10 mars 2013

Charlie and the great glass elevator

Published in 1972
 by Roald Dahl

Charlie won the Willy Wonka’s fabulous chocolate factory and now he flies his family on an extraordinary machine : the great glass elevator. But one false move will project the elevator into space. They discover a space populated by fantastic and horrible creatures like the  vermicious knids (strange creatures who have the capacity to change their shapes), after a terrible battle the great elevator and its occupants manage to escape back to earth.
After that they discover a strange vitamin called Vita-Wonk which has the power to rejuvenate. Charlie’s grandparents fight each other to eat the vitamins and the grandmother ends up rejuvenated by eighty years although she was only seventy-eight years old. Now charlie has to rescue his grandmother in the strange country of Minusland....

This book is VERY easy to read the characters are funny and the story is very original.
An unmissable classic !

Florian, 3°